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Multi-function experience (Marketing, Finance, Operations)
Results-orientated leadership and working style
Broad understanding of business, markets, and technology



Led project teams in design and analysis consulting projects. Scheduled, budgeted, supervised diverse groups. Responsible to client and management for meeting budget and schedule goals for marketing projects and engineering studies. Brought in projects on budget and to customer satisfaction.
  • Managed feasibility studies and engineering analyses. Integrated advances and innovative technologies into existing industrial operations. Applied environmental, safety, and production technologies.
  • Internet strategy consulting to small companies. Developed websites for small businesses, integrating customer relationship principles, inventory databases, and sales transactions. Planned for clients' overall business objectives and future growth.
  • Supervised teams of diverse talents in execution of complex technical projects.
  • Negotiated construction and operating permits with regulatory agencies. Dealt with local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Developed procedure for identifying improvements in client operations and for evaluating potential changes.

Developed and executed internet marketing plans for clients in wide range o industries. Clients included both early stage ventures and established businesses facing new competition or seeking new markets.
  • Best Search Engine Optimizer in state of Texas
  • Produce and publish websites about complex medical issues in manner accessible to most readers while still being accurate.
  • Developed business development presentations to potential clients in variety of industries. Wrote and produced marketing brochures.
  • Wrote strategic marketing plan for start-up telecommunications firm. Analyzed structure of communications, cable television, and entertainment industries. Identified and evaluated possible relationships, including alliances and acquisitions.
  • Developed web sites for businesses and strategy, design, marketing, and integration services.
  • Planned and executed marketing campaign that enhanced consulting firm's visibility and brought in several clients.
  • Identified potential customers and developed strategy for penetrating growing market in bulk materials inventory management
  • Analyzed structure of software and Internet industries in central Texas for human resources services firm.
  • Developed opportunity evaluation procedure combining competitive environment, market size, and development and operating cost projections into integrated cash flow projections for holding company/business incubator.

Built businesses. Creative product development, marketing channel adaption, and evangelization to produce value for investor/owners. Adept at creating high bang-for-the-buck marketing and production plans.

  • Created and published leading website on sleep on the internet.
  • Created and published leading website on cholesterol medications on the internet.
  • Managed all aspects of introduction of new device to home health care market.
  • Created business plans, marketing communications materials, websites, and marketing plans.
  • Outlined strategy for growing sales in start-up web-based consulting business.
  • Built teams of direct and contract employees to focus on developing resources and products in short timeframes.
  • Built and nurtured supplier and customer relationships to enhance favorable terms during critical time and cash flow crunches.
  • Developed plan for non-profit credit union to serve low and moderate-income people in Austin.
  • Directed sales and marketing campaign for start-up educational products company.


Experienced business publisher and architect of complex communications efforts

  • Oversaw development of many websites for lead generation.
  • Integrated search marketing efforts with reader-friendly websites.
  • Developed business development presentations to potential clients in the government and private industry.
  • Published articles in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Austin Business Journal, professional magazines
  • Developed websites for businesses and strategy, design, marketing, and integration services.
  • Planned and executed marketing campaign that brought in several clients.
  • Conducted writing seminars for employees at engineering firm
  • Tutoring of students in English as second language


Design engineer for several one-of-a-kind projects.
  • Systems and process engineering of complex processes. Design for human factors, reliability, quality, safety and durability.
  • Process design engineering. Developed process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams. Wrote specifications and reviewed vendor drawings and data for acceptability. Wrote safety analysis reports for explosives and hazardous materials facilities.
  • Built, managed, and developed an engineering team for quality assurance management and compliance.
  • Design and analysis of processes for treatment of wastes. Designs take into account capital costs, efficiencies, flexibility, OSHA, and environmental regulations.
  • Analysis of material handling systems, including comprehensive facilities to receive, store, inventory, treat, and dispose of waste.
  • Procurement of capital equipment for clients. Developed purchase specifications, worked with supplier representatives, reviewed vendor engineering drawings, assisted in purchase contract development.
  • Tutoring of high school students in math and science

Analyzed and projected financing requirements, investment opportunities, and detailed operating costs.

  • Developed cost mapping system for analysis of work processes in electronic equipment and semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Created procedure for identifying improvements in client operations and for evaluating potential changes.
  • Calculated ROI scenarios for industrial software to support marketing effort.
  • Evaluated financing requirements and developed the selling memorandum for sale of business to acquirers. Brought in several potential buyers.
  • Part of team that evaluated financing options for capital equipment.
  • Capital asset budgeting, purchase order evaluation, life cycle costing, product costing.
  • Developed variance analysis reports, income and cash flow projections, and economic value added calculations for consulting business and wholesaling operations.
  • Analysis of financial implications and outcomes of proposed projects, including ROI, ROE, and break-even sales level.


Wookie LLC - website publishing, search engine optimization, search marketing

Spur Interactive (formerly Spur Digital) - client engagement manager, search marketing manager

Barley Lake, LLC - website publishing - founder

Astir Marketing, LLC - product development firm - Austin, TX - president
Website Coach, LLP - consulting on Internet/e-commerce - Austin, TX - project manager
Parsons Corporation - engineering and project management firm - Charlotte, NC and Pasadena, CA 1988-1997 - principal process engineer, senior process engineer, process engineer


Master of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin
Master of Science, University of California at Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Awarded Fred H. Moore Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Registered Professional Engineer
Sord Scholar at University of Texas

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